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gonna get a larger sd card. questions... (Archived)
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Are sleep downloads faster than "normal" downloads? (Archived)Ketorulz71/21/2012
[JPN] eShop Jan 18th and 3DS Photo Contest Details (Archived)
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C/D: With the analog nub, you hardly ever use the D-Pad. (Archived)
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Does anyone else remember the Wi-Fi connection website? (Archived)
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i went to the mall today (Archived)poopooSpartan101/21/2012
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Wy does peple complan? (Archived)
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Will Gamestop eventually give other retailers the chance to sell the CPP? (Archived)Halo3GAMEFREAK31/21/2012
3DS thoughts, 1 month of ownership. (Archived)derwake61/21/2012
Resident Evil is a 15 min. Demo (Archived)SimmerE1561/21/2012
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