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Downtime in College: PSP or DS? (Archived)
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WHOA! 3DS glitched, got an instant 300 play coins for some reason. (Archived)
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Why can't we have a new gameboy system? (Archived)
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Monolith teases their next game. It's for 3DS and.. (Archived)
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ds- 3ds connection problems (Archived)POWNZER_X68/27/2011
ambassador serial check (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark38/27/2011
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System settings, as a recently played game? lol (Archived)
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Spider-Man: Edge of Time is remarkably similar to console versions. (Archived)
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So, like, I was playing my 3DS... (Archived)
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What's the next game I should get? (Archived)Dick_McGumshoe78/27/2011
Is it me, or does the eShop kinda suck? (Archived)
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anybody here still play puzzle league express? (Archived)DishSoap68/27/2011
Just saw the new 3DS commercial... (Archived)Carbuncle00978/27/2011
just bought a 3DS cause of the price drop and now what game should i play? (Archived)fedor-machine28/27/2011
Rumor: People have posted to many annoying rumors on the Gfaqs 3ds board (Archived)phildool38/27/2011
I just thought of a mistake that could have easily destroyed the 3DS. (Archived)gamezrochard88/27/2011
this would bury the vita? (Archived)SOLIDHIGGI108/27/2011
Super Mario 3D Land & Mario Kart 7: Level/track creators? (Archived)
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