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Where is the article of the guy who kinda bashes Anouma? (Archived)ian209318/2/2011
The best thing about Nintendo is: Customers > Money (Archived)
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No more space to download more eshop games :( (Archived)Sadhu_Xenophile98/2/2011
The trend of un-erasable save files... (Archived)
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3D classic remakes? (Archived)Discomaster38/2/2011
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Which 3DS to buy... (Archived)
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The one thing you HATE most about the 3DS (Archived)
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EU e-shop update - 1st august (Archived)Edouard_keroo78/2/2011
3DS what good games coming/ already out? (Archived)ShiniakWarrior108/2/2011
By far little chance would it possible for nintendo to unlock the region lock (Archived)zerooo098/2/2011
my DS can't read my SD card (Archived)woody7138/2/2011
the e-shop needs some serious organization (Archived)
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There's one thing the real early adopters have that the fake ones will never own (Archived)Satarack68/2/2011
About that ambassador stuff (Archived)David13628/2/2011
Just got word Bestbuy officialy NOT offering price match guarantee for 3DS (Archived)
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Getting a 3DS the day the price drop takes effect. What games should I get? (Archived)Acended58/2/2011