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I heard that once you transfer to another 3DS, it won't let you transfer back. (Archived)
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SpotPass Update (Archived)parKb5112/11/2011
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My 3DS is collecting dust... (Archived)
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WOW Cave Story 3D is awesome , best use of 3D to date imo (Archived)
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Dragon Quest Monsters - Terry's Wonderland 3D Scan (Archived)
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Firmware Update Wishlist? (Archived)
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Atlus should port Catherine to 3DS in 3D and online multiplayer. (Archived)pipebomb_sushi_112/11/2011
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Recommend me games to get a 7 year old girl for Christmas? (Archived)
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How many players do you have on your Friend List? (Archived)
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When exactly is Jump Fiesta? (Archived)zaingasm212/11/2011
One "bumper" doesn't touch when closed (Archived)jedinat512/11/2011
Any 3rd party batteries besides the Nyko Power Pack+? (Archived)wrightOBJECTION412/11/2011
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