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They should make Mario and Zelda crossover games (Archived)
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Post here anytime you buy something 3DS related. (Archived)
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Should I buy Mario Tennis Open when it comes out? (Archived)nblasteroin104/23/2012
Does anybody have the NERF 3DS case? (Archived)Im_A_Dog34/23/2012
Mario Tennis Open intend to buy survey up on CN (Archived)ssbmrocks34/23/2012
There's finally a NSMB2 board! (Archived)PaperDolphin14/23/2012
Quick question (Archived)WBH42034/23/2012
I'm going to throw this out there, redesigned 3DS by E3... (Archived)
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What makes SMW and SMB3 so much better then NSMB1? (Archived)
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Whats up with prof layton mask of miracles? (Archived)
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My next game is ______ (Archived)
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Does Nintendo ever do sales on their online shops? (Archived)
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3ds is very important guys (Archived)rpg_gamer_ff24/23/2012
how would you feel about a miles morales spider-man game? (Archived)All-New_Spider64/23/2012
A curious mind wishes to inquire: Would you buy Power Quest if... (Archived)so6444/23/2012
POLL do u have anough money to buy mario tennis for the 3ds (Archived)
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Can we make folders inside folders? (Archived)Tempest71764/23/2012
Pit vs Mario (Archived)
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Has your 3DS needed repair from normal use? (Archived)Salduchi178554/23/2012
The 3D classics need to be more like Urban Champion. (Archived)
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