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Having trouble trying to activate Netflix, need help:( (Archived)Lucas21718/11/2012
So what did people find enjoyable about Mighty Switch Force? (Archived)
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The scratch issue is always going to happen (Archived)
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Any Albertans going to animethon this weekend? (Archived)vectorman5108/11/2012
Saw someone playing Yoshi's Island on youtube (Archived)Brandy197768/11/2012
Rolling Westerns AWESOME (Archived)
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3ds xl question (Archived)WiiareVenom38/11/2012
Just got nano assault and dream trigger off of amazon (Archived)logans_run_8288/11/2012
I don't think Metroid will go through an 8 year drought ... (Archived)
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A possible return to the dark days of the GB/GBC/GBA? (Archived)
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Do I need to purchase a download code from a retail store? (Archived)ToaOfFlameX38/11/2012
I need help deciding... (Archived)pacomcsqueak98/11/2012
Can 3D be viewed with one eye? (Archived)
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Looking for more Swapnote buddies (Archived)
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Do you think that Nintendo will ever allow for transferring VC games? (Archived)Vyers108/11/2012
are they releasing the 3DS XL in purple? (Archived)CultCryptik68/11/2012
How many times have you dropped your 3ds? (Archived)GreenSF49108/11/2012
Questions about Starfox 64 3DS (Archived)gamer4lever108/11/2012
I beat Pushmo!!! (Archived)elsmitty58/11/2012
Need More 3DS Friends, Swapnoters and what-not!!! (Archived)
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