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New Ambassador Games details announced (Archived)
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When will the 3DS quit getting game remakes and get some interesting fun games. (Archived)
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Where's Metoid? (Archived)StormKMD108/11/2011
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If Super Mario 3D Land will feature only one save slot, will you still buy it? (Archived)
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Is the 3DS worth trading my DS Lite? (Archived)Ultitled108/11/2011
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Walmart was sold out of black 3ds today, my bro got last one (Archived)JediBoB10178/11/2011
If you had a chance to change your 3DS to the other color, would you? (Archived)
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in order to keep the 3ds alive and compete nintendo must do..... (Archived)
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I'd love to see Angry Birds 3D (Archived)jaymart_2k78/11/2011
If you could create your own 3DS color what would it be? (Archived)
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Will GBA games look bad like DS games on the 3DS? (Archived)Shovel_Break68/11/2011
Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim for the 3DS (Archived)
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Kotaku: Nintendo should make Zelda free forever (Archived)
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Not getting Ambassador Confirmation (Archived)vegedus98/11/2011
GBA games will have manuals, and will support transferring to other systems (Archived)
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Great game came out this week. (Archived)shikaka2288/11/2011
1010 Club Nintendo Coins, What do? (Archived)Spoinkfan71878/11/2011