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3DS sells twice as much as DS in respective first year (Archived)
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Gameinformer and KI:U card (Archived)slizedew53/6/2012
Is there any ay to get nintendo wifi on my 3DS for pokemon black or white (Archived)crazy4kh323/6/2012
Nintendo download march 8th (europe) (Archived)pikachupwnage53/6/2012
3DS sells 4.5 million in USA first year (Archived)
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Lulz circle pad pro (Archived)
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Uk American 3ds owners (Archived)craig239023/6/2012
stupid colors! 3d (Archived)fuzi1133/6/2012
"Circle Pad Pro? Sounds really stupid. I'm not gonna waste my money on that..." (Archived)guncrashdx93/6/2012
Does this system store any critical information? (Archived)CW Boi 20983/6/2012
New Renegade Kid eshop game (Archived)derekfishbowl63/6/2012
The single greatest thing done related to Dragon Quest (Archived)kamikaze13573/6/2012
Kid Icarus Uprising gets a 91% from ONM. (Archived)
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C/D Would you want the new Zelda 3DS to follow the gameplay of Zelda II? (Archived)
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Hey which of this two game should i get? (Archived)IzanagiBlast53/6/2012
Does anybody know a website that (Archived)kg21mvp200443/6/2012
Seeing the SFxT debacle makes me glad Nintendo hasn't implemented DLC... yet. (Archived)
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Why handheld havent got this kind of game already (Archived)mattfrank53/6/2012
Wario Land 3 for eShop (Archived)ZBug_83/6/2012
C'mon Natsume! (Archived)
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