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3DS To Get a Second Analog Stick (Archived)
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*Joke Topic* I see your plan Capcom.. (Archived)
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It's times like this I'm glad i waited. (Archived)
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I found a new Famitsu 3ds scan... (Archived)
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New 3DS console with dual analogs (Archived)ORANGE66669/7/2011
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I had a dream where MOTHER 3 was a surprise GBA Ambassador game. (Archived)GREG_THE_GUY89399/7/2011
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Who are the fanboys??? (Archived)
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Since Monster Hunter was confirmed...what about Baten Kaitos? (Archived)Lord_Vishana109/7/2011
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NOTE: Circular Pad Add-On Monster Hunter Exclusive (Archived)
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The Circle Pad Brick would have made so much more sense if... (Archived)Gavin_Rozee19/7/2011
I hate you nintendo (Archived)
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