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Folder Update in 5 days! (Archived)
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Animal Crossing 3D coming out this fall in Japan. (Archived)Sakurafanboy54/20/2012
Anyone else notice the 'Capcom USA' on the Project X Zone bit? (Archived)Sakurafanboy44/20/2012
New Super Mario Bros 2 (Archived)MillionGunmannn64/20/2012
Guys, guys, New Super Mario Bros. 2 just got announced (Archived)pug_wishbone34/20/2012
New Super Mario Bros 2 announced (Archived)xfactor34/20/2012
Firmware update make game patchable confirmed! (Archived)gema992324/20/2012
Omg folders! (Archived)Tempest71744/20/2012
Folders coming to the 3DS home menu (Archived)Sid3wind3r1244/20/2012
Game and Watch Gallery 2 (Color version) confirmed for Europe (Archived)
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Can I replace Reggie (Archived)falcon71234/20/2012
So would you be excited if (Archived)falcon71244/20/2012
OoT 3D: Where's the bombchu at the bottom of the well? (Archived)CW Boi 209104/20/2012
Europe Nintendo Direct time??? (Archived)Chicken45354/20/2012
games please come and show yourselfs (Archived)
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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy - NA boxart (Archived)
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Nintendo Direct times? (Archived)
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Another reminder that Ambassador GBA Club Nintendo surveys expire April 22nd (Archived)
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So I'm buying a 3DS... (Archived)cactusthorn5234/20/2012
Sakurai and indie zero tease nintendo direct info (Archived)
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