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Anyone registered 2 games and got an email yet about Kid Icarus? (Archived)
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Is there a time limit in downloading the Ambassador Games? (Archived)FlipManV3212/6/2011
Unlocked all Accomplishments yet? or are they next to impossible? (Archived)Charftino312/6/2011
Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!... (Archived)
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Nintendo Video needs to be revamped? (Archived)Ketorulz512/6/2011
Nintendo, please give me my eShop? (Archived)Ketorulz912/6/2011
Do you get the rest of the new puzzles through SpotPass? (Archived)Boo Destroyer212/6/2011
MH3G gets Famitsu review (Archived)
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I hope one of the new hats... (Archived)robomasteralpha812/6/2011
300 coins to zero :( (Archived)Kebiinu1012/6/2011
The Touch Screen looks a little bit sharper. (Archived)Awesomeggs912/6/2011
can i watch downloaded 2D youtube videos with the 3d video app (Archived)King_of_Nerds512/6/2011
Nintendo Zone viewer. (Archived)ChaosKnight327212/6/2011
patch also fixed the power button (Archived)
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Black and White Shield (Archived)
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What was the first thing that you said when you opened the box? (Archived)HitTheGroundWal612/6/2011
i'm just a guy that likes girls. add me if you want :) (Archived)
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streetpass quest 2 should be like a mini-skyrim (Archived)King_of_Nerds412/6/2011
Ambassador transfer question (Archived)Mr_Phail212/6/2011
WARNING about 3DS to 3DS Transfer tool, especially Ambassadors. (Archived)
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