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Is there a point to adding that little side-tab to the 3DS cartridge? (Archived)
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Anyone know what NA is getting on the 25th on the eShop? (Archived)
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So just over 1 week since the price drop.... (Archived)EternalNether68/20/2011
I'm kind of looking forward to playing my 3DS this holiday season (Archived)PhaseBlack38/20/2011
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So after having my 3DS for a while, I noticed a build problem... (Archived)Orange_Apples78/20/2011
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Any one from Canada have any eShop cards? (Archived)J_Cov48/20/2011
Is the serial number in that little booklet in the box? (Archived)khallos1478/20/2011
Got a 2nd 3DS from Europe where the F*** are the eShop cards??? (Archived)ShadowkhNinja98/20/2011
I noticed something in Find Mii... (Archived)scorejunkie58/20/2011
when does the shop update? (Archived)kit0738/20/2011
What if... (Archived)
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why do they no longer give the option to "download" game vidoes/trailers? (Archived)
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Man, the 3ds sure isn't hurting for Fighters. (Archived)
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Just got a 3DS, Rate my Purchases! (Archived)
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As a father, I'm shocked at the humor they use on Nintendo Video. (Archived)
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Bigger SD Card. (Archived)Rockman2658/20/2011
What 3DS ambassador game are you most looking forward to? (Archived)
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