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how would they know we're early buyers? (Archived)swablu87/28/2011
early adopters are smart spenders (Archived)
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If I sign into E-shop Am I Automaticly an Amassador? (Archived)PoliMailman67/28/2011
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So...the 20 free games how does that work? (Archived)
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Oh, a price drop already? :3 (Archived)
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Any news on the red 3DS coming to America yet? (Archived)Turbo_TRex37/28/2011
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Price cut makes Yahoo News. (Archived)
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Questions about Galaga and Galaga Legions. (Archived)Swan362437/28/2011
With the price drop, the scene is set for a new hardware revision. (Archived)Pokeclipse57/28/2011