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Is it worth paying for Nintendo Video? (Archived)
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Rate your DSi/e-Shop games from "Awesome", "Good", "Ok", or "Why did I buy?" (Archived)Mega_Rat311/29/2011
Super Mario 3D Land is the Fastest Selling Portable Mario (LoZ:SS Fastest Zelda) (Archived)PhantomSword711/29/2011
which game is the better value? (Archived)
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Nintendo should stop doing promises that they can't acomplish on time. (Archived)
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3DS woes, Why do you think mario land 3ds is failing to sell like 2d mario (Archived)
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10 bucks says the Ambassador titles will be delayed into January (Archived)
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New video on e-shop (Archived)BigDaddyWingnut811/28/2011
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So Super Mario 3D Land casually is the fastest selling portable Mario in history (Archived)
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Wow, theres a limited edition Zelda 3DS already? (Archived)xCha0s811/28/2011
Why doesnt Nintendo make games that the majority actually want to play on 3ds? (Archived)
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Fatal Frame 3DS spin-off announced. (Archived)
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LOL, update delayed until December 8th (Archived)
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