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I have $20 on eshop...what to get? (Archived)StormKMD77/26/2012
Im getting to the point where I enjoy playing my 3DS than my consoles.... (Archived)
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online mp for nsmb2? (Archived)FlyinTonite67/26/2012
How to get download codes for games? (Archived)SuperNerdSoren27/26/2012
Capture Device ... (Archived)Chenmaster297/26/2012
is there any good HD pictures or videos of the XL red and blue ? (Archived)Keybored12337/26/2012
Ambassadors! Favorite GBA game from the list? (Poll)
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so will nsmb2 get $15 map packs? (Archived)queirotacobell97/26/2012
Zelda 3DS: I know this has been discussed previously, but... (Archived)RadioactiveE77/26/2012
Find Mii (Archived)vgsrule87/26/2012
Who here wants (Archived)Grave_Joker47/26/2012
3DS XL Screen Scratching Still and Issue (Archived)
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Looking to trade Squre Enix Code for a NIntendo Club Code (Archived)soul_driven57/26/2012
I like how Europe got discounts on Pushmo and LoZ: LADX. (Archived)Chenmaster267/26/2012
Dragon Quest X 3DS App - Details, Release Date, Screens (Archived)
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Poll time. (Poll)Mariofan1567/26/2012
How do you people think the third revision of the 3DS be? (Archived)
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Will the charger for the Nintendo DSi XL work with the 3DS XL? (Archived)galfasanta111167/26/2012
Famitsu 2012 Top 100 Half-Year Software Chart (Archived)
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You know what? I'd like to see Kid Icarus' air controls made into a S&P game (Archived)
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