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What's with all these topics about the ambassador games? (Archived)
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Ridge Racers 3d is great. (Archived)SexPantherPanda18/31/2011
wait, the games are already out? (Archived)phildool98/31/2011
wow the 3DS really is worth bying right now (Archived)
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Best thing about the Ambassador nes games imho (Archived)
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So I just dropped my 3DS stylus on my iPad (Archived)MordecaiRocks88/31/2011
So what are "bad" GBA games made by Nintendo? (Archived)
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Does downloading the current free games.... (Archived)Alias_Nemesis48/31/2011
any reason Pokemon is not on the Ambassador games list? (Archived)ShinCougar68/31/2011
how do i save in legend of zelda? (Archived)dragonfire199238/31/2011
Downloading Ambassador Games: Instructions (Archived)
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You have to admit, this is a better bonus than the one early DS adopters got. (Archived)Gogo72678/31/2011
So how do you save in Zelda 2? (Archived)Daisyfanboy68/31/2011
Wow... Yoshi is... (Archived)
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I like to say we Ambassadors are BETA Testing these 20 Games (Archived)Mewtwo6438/31/2011
We need classic Nintendo television shows on Nintendo Video (Archived)Lord_Vishana58/31/2011
The Official Nintendo 3DS Complain Thread (Archived)
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You can't map the buttons on the NES games? (Archived)
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Quick question for fellow ambassadors: (Archived)
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Which of the 10 NES Ambassador games is your favorite? (Archived)
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