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Might buy one of these suckers tomorrow (Archived)
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looking at games in amazon... (Archived)Pato46813/11/2012
Can we get Puzzle Pieces including Pink/Purple Pieces via SpotPass? (Archived)Linkz153/11/2012
Do Early 3DS's have more trouble with Ghosting? (Archived)STN7973/11/2012
Hm, Kid Icarus cards and Club Nintendo? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Stuck on Quest 23 or 26: "Roman Holiday For Four" (Archived)Linkz113/11/2012
is 3D Classics Kid Icarus going to only be for people who preorder Uprising? (Archived)ObtuseAngina83/11/2012
Do you use gamefaqs on your 3DS. (Archived)
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What happens when you have more than 12 titles that support streetpass? (Archived)Chenmaster293/11/2012
Code of Princess 3DS looks awesome (Archived)
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Any online retailer were I can order a circle pad pro? (Archived)deadANDrotted103/11/2012
Anybody ever use the (Archived)DarthFrozanous13/11/2012
For those saying Mario (and Nintendo) are fro kiddies (Archived)
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Paper Zelda (Archived)trenton9733/11/2012
What Capcom and Namco should do for the 3DS... (Archived)monkeypahng53/11/2012
POLL wat ds games do u still play ? (Archived)
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Filipino Gamers check my site out (Archived)superfist43/11/2012
3DSware Transfer Question (Archived)HerPanda33/11/2012
friend list (Archived)alatreon78913/11/2012
Protip: Don't settle for games just because they're discounted. (Archived)
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