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C/D: What Nintendo should have done at the 3DS launch. (Archived)
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And The Reason Why This "Loophole" WILL Work Is... (Archived)
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Do we know how large Eshop/3DSware games can be? (Archived)darkqueenhelba28/1/2011
A little pretending. What if they offered 30 games, across NES, SNES, and GBA? (Archived)
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So guys how much bigger would you say the 3DS screen is compared to DS lite (Archived)BignutzisBack58/1/2011
I got my giant AR card in the mail today. Here's what I did with it. (Archived)
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Best screen protectors? (Archived)
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Nintendo stock nose dives - analysts remain unimpressed (Archived)
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What happens if you already bought some of the nes games theyre giving? (Archived)LUlGI98/1/2011
I bet Pokemon Gen 6 will come out faster thanks to 3DS struggling (Archived)
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any good 3DS games out right now that are worth the money? (Archived)yoda232398/1/2011
My toaster has more utility than your 3DS (Archived)
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so when do us ambassadors get our free crap (Archived)TriforceGanon108/1/2011
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Nintendo DID have to give early adopters something. (Archived)
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Shadow Complex-Style Metroid? (Archived)
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Anyone remember diddy kong racing!??! (Archived)
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Legend of Exidia, Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A(?), these two games.... (Archived)XCrossYZ58/1/2011
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