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How do i defeat a Ghost with Shield in Find Mii? (Archived)Linkz138/14/2011
Starfox vs. SSF4 for a single player? (Archived)
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I forgot how annoying OoT was (and probably similar games from its day) (Archived)
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Which one would you recommend? (Archived)MrAwesome31228/14/2011
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I have to say, Luigi's Mansion 2 looks..... very disappointing (Archived)
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I got one today. Now what? (Archived)
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Can I transfer downloaded games to another 3DS? (Archived)
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The Ambassador-notifacation in the news section disappeared. (Archived)logans_run_8228/14/2011
Does anyone know the dates/details for when the 20 free games are released? (Archived)poke_master301078/14/2011
Fat Princess on 3DS (Archived)
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can you delete home menu icons? (Archived)spemsha58/14/2011
How is Super Monkey Ball? (Archived)justsumdude89978/14/2011
C/D: You will be disappointed if not one of the Pokemon GBA Versions are part of (Archived)
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Just got a 3DS from the price drop. How does the internet work out? (Archived)grassman_matt38/14/2011
I though the 3DS was going to have 3D Movies :( (Archived)Galaxy_Nova48/14/2011
Why do people want the 3DS to outsell the Vita? (Archived)
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If they were to release the GBC Zelda Oracle games... (Archived)Playsaver108/14/2011
Bought Shantae and Cave Story for my 3DS... (Archived)
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Looking for a cheap, decent 3DS game that will last me a while. (Archived)
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