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TwinBee is fantastic. (Archived)
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Question about Setting up. (Archived)JRF12529/22/2011
The phrase "it should have been there since the beginning"... I hate it (Archived)
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Hope RE Revalations has more enemy variety, than videos show. (Archived)crazybot59/22/2011
Was there a 3D classic in Japan this month? (Archived)Ellinika_39/22/2011
This week's eShop games? (Archived)
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3DS success is above average (lots o' text.) (Archived)sejan1279/22/2011
Star Fox is good, but Im looking for a more involved space shooter, maybe George (Archived)jesse715049/22/2011
Ha take that Sony fanboys!!! (Archived)
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Anyone get the eshop update? (Archived)XxQw11ksk0pesxX59/22/2011
What is with this board and misleading topic titles? (Archived)
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Disallowing you to change your primary Mii was a stupid f***ing idea (Archived)
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Circle Pad improves most DS games (Archived)CraddaPoosta99/22/2011
Could you send a 3DS to Nintendo for those lines? (Archived)
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So why is everyone excited for Kid Icarus? (Archived)
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A heads up for anyone who still has their $20 OoT amazon pre-order credit (Archived)gobias10189/22/2011
Will the eshop eventually get gameboy advance titles? (Archived)
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Should I get Tetris Axis or Spider-Man: Edge of Time? (Archived)flaboy90969/22/2011
This month is boring for 3DS! (Archived)
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