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Any e-shop games good for on the go? (Archived)
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In Nintendogs, can my pet die if I don't feed it/play the game for a while? (Archived)_Unowninator_93/4/2012
How do you guys manage your play coins? (Archived)Darkstorm16103/4/2012
Who here is going to take advantage of TRU's b1g1 50% off? what games? (Archived)ShadowAsylum83/4/2012
Stuck in Mario 3D Land (Archived)
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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3D (Archived)
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Swapnote Games contest (Archived)Pokefilm93/4/2012
Think there will be bigger carts for games? (Archived)
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Is it just me or is the Find Mii 2 battle music ... too epic for this game? O_o (Archived)Mega_Rat23/4/2012
So why ARE you getting Kid Icarus: Uprising? (Archived)
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Wow I just can't get used to the mirrored map in OoT 3D Master Quest... (Archived)
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We should get a You Tube App (Archived)Mewtwo6473/4/2012
Super Mario Bros. 2 player mode? (Archived)adampeltz43/4/2012
Ive played Ambassador Certificate for 15 hours now. (Archived)
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I will get psv or 3ds first depend on ....... (Archived)starheroz343/4/2012
The 3DS is awesome. (Archived)
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Kid Icarus Uprising is like a hybrid between Virtual On and Smash Bros. (Archived)adampeltz53/4/2012
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