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I cnt see the 3D on OoT, but I can on SM3DL (Archived)seafoampheonix81/5/2012
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Resident Evil Demo on the way to North America and Europe! (Archived)
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What defects to be wary of when buying a 3DS? (Archived)
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Let's share fun stuff through Swapnote! Pics, jokes, drawings, stories, whatevs! (Archived)
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Did anyone not register their 3ds? (Archived)
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what song is this? (Archived)SkylineQS21/5/2012
If I transfer everything on an SD card to a bigger SD card, is anything lost? (Archived)ultcomics81/5/2012
In what order are the home screen icons on a brand-new 3DS? (Archived)
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Any pre-order bonuses for RE:Revelations in Europe? (Archived)mr_metalhead66641/5/2012
I just don't get it Netflix... (Archived)
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how would you guys rate the games in the Mario and Luigi series? (Archived)Botnus91261/5/2012
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Sign here if you have more digital games than cartridge games for your 3ds (Archived)
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Got new swapnotes wih new stationary, how to get new stationary? (Archived)ultcomics31/5/2012