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There is suppose to be a new model/version/design of the 3DS comin out soon? (Archived)Mikey9382/14/2012
Is an anima convention a good play to get streetpasses? (Archived)Salduchi07178572/14/2012
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Ambasador (Archived)BaronSolace62/14/2012
Gamestop trade in value (Archived)
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New Call of Duty game with DLC like there is on consoles for 3ds (Archived)
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Redesign (Archived)
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Nikki sent me a Valentine's Day letter. I think it's clear who she really loves. (Archived)Yamata_Demon62/14/2012
Getting Streetpass tags at a midnight launch of the Vita....not once, but TWICE! (Archived)Dr_Koopa7652/14/2012
Aw. I didn't know the ordering the CCP from Nintendo Store would be back ordered (Archived)b2trumpet62/14/2012
I hear Tales of the Abyss is going out of stock everywhere already... (Archived)
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Predict the order the currently announced first party games will release (Archived)Gavin_Rozee92/14/2012
Did the Japanese 3DS Swapnote users also get a Valentine's Day stationary? (Archived)HibikiRush22/14/2012
Any games like Baldur's Gate or Champions of Norrath for the 3DS or DS? (Archived)
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Would be nice if Nintendo would send out some pink pieces here and there (Archived)Kuebel3392/14/2012
looking for friends for the future Smash bros game (Archived)
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