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How to avoid having a load of folders with random letters/numbers on them (Archived)
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What are they going to do with Nintendo Network if... (Archived)
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New Monster Hunter stationary request (Archived)
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Where's the love for Sacred Stones? (Archived)
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Guys, I now have every best time on Mighty Switch Force! :D (Archived)Mega_Rat44/24/2012
How I made my folders look much better on the 3DS Menu (Archived)0_Kado_0104/24/2012
can i just say (Archived)
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saved frames from videos aren't showing up in swapnote. (Archived)GoldenSun3DS34/24/2012
Does Fire Emblem 13 being on the next Nintendo Power mean it is confirmed? (Archived)LordYggdrasilXX54/24/2012
Dillon's Rolling Western or Link's Awakening (Archived)LawLessLove34/24/2012
System Update is now live! (Archived)
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Shadow Stalker X544/24/2012
How do I make folders? (Archived)CaptainRandom124/24/2012
Club Nintendo.... Mario surprise box... Thing (Archived)
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First character showing on folders seems more beneficial to Asian languages (Archived)
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Internet update. (Archived)Zero_Maniac24/24/2012
How to get the new "spotpass pieces" in Puzzle Swap? (Archived)CHOVI354/24/2012
Baseball anyone? (Archived)ROHACOPE34/24/2012
hey you can upload photos again on facebook with your 3ds (Archived)kukingina234/24/2012
So how does linking your CN account to your eShop account work? (Archived)Zero_Maniac34/24/2012
Huh, how long has Kirby's Block Ball been on the Virtual Console? (Archived)ssbmrocks54/24/2012
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