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Gargoyle Quest not working? (Archived)hypermoe88/26/2011
Kirby: RTD and Pokemon Rumble Blast have the same release day? (Archived)
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anyone have DOA dimensions? (Archived)
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pfff eu ambassador tool still not online.. (Archived)seanskate18/26/2011
eShop is back up (Archived)
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Im waiting for games to come out so I have a reason to buy a 3DS (Archived)bnui_ransder38/26/2011
Another 3DS game got delayed (Harvest Moon) (Archived)sonicboom51048/26/2011
so is the 3DS a flop is that why the dropped the price so much? (Archived)
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What did nintendo do to IGN? (Archived)
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Is it possible for there to exist a "3D required to play" title? (Archived)
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So is there any news as to what the next 3D Classic game is gonna be? (Archived)Pinchekria78/26/2011
Seriously (eshop topic) (Archived)
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Probably 100th topic but that is what i call now sloppy system (Archived)
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eShop is up. (Archived)gamezrochard98/25/2011
Did anyone pick up the SDCC Capcom cases? (Archived)Data Drain28/25/2011
Wait, there's a Tales of the Abyss port coming here?! (Archived)Carbuncle00998/25/2011
3ds color (Archived)
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I'd buy a Reggie 3DS! Post your 3DS skin ideas! (No remodels allowed) (Archived)Lord_Frood88/25/2011
Redesign with 2nd slider (Archived)kingdumbfarts38/25/2011