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does this mean the next 3DS version will have the 2nd stick built in? (Archived)mettlegear109/13/2011
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Is the second nub attachment as bad as it looks? (Archived)DahlVaughnni99/13/2011
Super Mario 3D Land is looking pretty good, albeit... (Archived)Dranakin19/13/2011
Does 3D Video Recording (Archived)
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Bravely Default Flying Fairy? (Archived)
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Starfox Commercial (Archived)Gamer54669/13/2011
2 of the top 3 games on gamerankings are 64 remakes. (Archived)JuiceBoxDeluxe29/13/2011
Conference time in NA? (Archived)
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Cut your rumored USD prices down, guys. (Archived)cvmckenzie19/13/2011
I love Nintendo but, (Archived)
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If I downloaded Four Swords on my DSi...and bought a 3DS after the limited time (Archived)
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LOL add on slide pad is 20 bucks and uses AAA batteries (Archived)
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So if your left thumb is on the left pad, right thumb on right pad... (Archived)
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For some reason when I think of the analog add-on pad I think of this *pics* (Archived)SandyHills719/13/2011
Circle pad didn't get a US release date, did it ? (Archived)crazybot89/13/2011
I would not count Nintendo as a win yet (not a troll topic) (Archived)Darkstorm1649/13/2011
Super Mario 3D Land & Mario Kart 7 get US release dates (Archived)NickyTheNewt109/13/2011
Photos of circle pad add on from Eurogamer, and does it block game slot? (Archived)mcsmellington19/13/2011