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Fav. 3DS Game/download (Archived)Javashark84/8/2012
Pit - Deal With It - Colors! 3D (Archived)DjNao74/8/2012
Is crystal monsters any good? xD (Archived)Chicken45354/8/2012
I got my friends Mario kart data but didn't get his mii in streetpass plaza... (Archived)Salduchi178544/8/2012
What the-? I just met like 30 new Mii's in Streetpass. (Archived)Jackie_Chandler54/8/2012
Will you ever be able to watch YouTube videos on the 3DS in the future? (Archived)Voltageous44/8/2012
USB charger question (Archived)AbyssZero94/8/2012
Do special Miis have special abilities in FindMii? (Archived)0-taku34/8/2012
Snes games on 3ds? (Archived)
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Hopefully Nintendo and SCEA makes a crossover of trademarked games! (Archived)CREEnana44/8/2012
How do I download games on the e-shop or virtual console or whatever (Archived)lordofnintendo364/8/2012
Wifi Help (Archived)Crazyfrog55524/8/2012
Quick SD card related questions! (Archived)05mjones54/8/2012
Are 3ds' supposed to get/have dead pixels ?? (Archived)
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FFV Remake Likelihood (Archived)
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Using Netflix away from home... (Archived)Solid Sonic94/8/2012
FREE Metal Torrent PIN # tomorrow at... (Archived)
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All the games pre-order bonuses should be eShop games! (Archived)
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The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral (Archived)parKb554/8/2012
Crazy japanese dude plays Spirit Camera (fatal frame 3ds spinoff) in the woods (Archived)
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