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can dsi games bought on my 3ds be used on my dsi? (Archived)DishSoap27/12/2012
I just got my 3DS back from repairs, and I might have to send it in again. (Archived)keyblader198597/12/2012
gamestops making me keep my 3DS (Archived)
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Gold status reward: Calendar, Metroid 2 or Mario VS DK:MMA? (Archived)
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Nintendogs and Pilotwings or Mario Tennis (Archived)Mikey9317/12/2012
Bought a $20 prepaid card for Mighty Switch Force. What to buy with the rest? (Archived)FiendingHard37/12/2012
e`Shop regestration survey (Archived)GamesX9977/12/2012
Club Nintendo is cool, but... (Archived)
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3DS vs Vita - 3DS E-shop vs Vita PS Store Comparison video (Archived)
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Looks like we don't have a Pokemon VC game yet ... (Archived)Chenmaster267/12/2012
Oni Training - new details and screenshots (Archived)gamewhooper18137/12/2012
I thank nintendo for remaking the n64 games (Archived)marioparty1777/12/2012
Mutant Mudds PC gets 20 new levels (Archived)Icecreamdunwich107/12/2012
We should all chip in and buy Atlus a bigger studio. (Archived)
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Anybody miss the good ol' times .... (Archived)Darkstorm1667/12/2012
C/D: Mega Man in the style of Metroid Prime would be preferable to Legends 3 (Archived)
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why do they hzve to start the weekend deal fridays? (Archived)NinjaGamer_2327/12/2012
is the 3ds still region lock , even after you system transfer? (Archived)marioparty1747/12/2012
How is Johnny Kung Fu? Any first impressions? (Archived)Candido122547/12/2012
Just wow really...... (Archived)
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