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When plugged in, my 3DS charger makes an annoying high pitched noise. (Archived)
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NES and GBA games are downloadable? (Archived)
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nintendo should let us use our ambassador tickets to get free things from stores (Archived)Forte8999/6/2011
I am looking for an online retailer that doesn't charge tax in NY state (Archived)xoftheuniverse59/6/2011
Anyone besides me not mind remakes? (Archived)forest_wanderer99/6/2011
Four Swords not being Four Swords Adventures is really disappointing. (Archived)
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FF: Crystal Chronicle series over? (Archived)
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Has igns review and eshop videos make you want starfox? (Archived)
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Some questions about transferring games from DSi to 3DS. (Archived)LINKINGTOPAST49/6/2011
EU 3DS - where can I find the ambassador games on the eshop? (Archived)Killeryoshi839/6/2011
Am I missing any RPGs? (Archived)
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I don't think my 3DS likes most of the topics on this board. (Archived)ShadowkhNinja19/6/2011
This "no faith in 3DS" talk has got me thinking... (Archived)
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I thought to myself that buying the 3DS early was a terrible mistake (Archived)
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I'm considering buying a 3DS but I'm just really torn at this point? (Archived)
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circle pad question (Archived)TNT421279/5/2011
Anyone looking for a awesome case should check out the zelda oot one at gamestop (Archived)SOLIDHIGGI79/5/2011
I can't wait for Nintendo to announce Majora's Mask 3D... (Archived)
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Are any NES games really that timeless? (Archived)
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Links Awakening Queston (Archived)
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