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Games you would like to see on the 3ds (Archived)
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Not getting new play coins, stuck at 104 after 2 days (Archived)Dahvoo12/6/2012
Nintendo of Europe Announces Crush 3D Demo For Nintendo 3DS eShop (Archived)CloudStrife63012/6/2012
How long does it take a Swapnote message to go from point A to point B? (Archived)
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I can't see the 3D very well and think the 3DS was worth buying... (Archived)
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I only have wired internet how can I get wifi for my 3ds? (Archived)JDKennedy61932/6/2012
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Im watching the Super Bowl from my 3DS. (Archived)
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So now I have a -3DS??? (Archived)wave100062/6/2012
Demos (Archived)
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Can the next Pokemon title break ground without alienating fans? (Archived)
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Pilotwings or 15 bucks (Archived)
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I'm really starting to hate the 3DS setup (Archived)CriticStorm92/6/2012
Which Wario game would you like first: Wario Land or Warioware? (Archived)
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Japanese Circle Pad Pro on US 3ds? (Archived)Rensato92/6/2012
If your name's on the list, add me back. These people said they added me. (Archived)LegendaryHeroReborn82/5/2012
Jazz Jackrabbit 3DS (Archived)1212-1102/5/2012
Think we'll see Monster Hunter 3G released stateside? (Archived)
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Why is what's her name leaving the wii nintendo channel? (Archived)
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Ambushed by mummies! (Archived)trizznilla72/5/2012