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Can't wait for Spirit Camera.. (Archived)
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Crappy Club Nintendo offerings for 3DS... (Archived)
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Nintendo-developed SpeedThru on 3DS eShop this week (Archived)CloudStrife63014/2/2012
Just got Kid Icarus, MK7 and RE Revelations, now what to get that's coming out? (Archived)
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Rate my Collection so far (Archived)Grave_Joker44/2/2012
Rate My Collection (yes another one of these) (Archived)startme_up94/2/2012
Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, and Super Mario 3D Land (Archived)melchiahdim94/2/2012
Draw Something 3DS (Archived)CosmB84/2/2012
Best Buy Sale: buy 2 get 1 free (Archived)Rick_Fury_sXe44/2/2012
anyone hope nintendo would make a rhythm pokemon game? (Archived)lambchips34/1/2012
Need Friends!!! (Archived)prmtyme14/1/2012
Since KI was revived, how about Star Tropics next? (Archived)
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so does the netflix app have 3d movies yet? (Archived)ArchBishopofHH74/1/2012
GTA for N3DS confirmed.. (Archived)Galaxy_Nova84/1/2012
I went ahead and bought a 3DS due to the sale at Target. Did I get good games? (Archived)
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hai gaiz clik this n u get evry 3ds game evar made!!11 (Archived)NessEggman94/1/2012
New Super Mario Bros-Banjo Threedeeie confirmed at E3 BANJO AND MARIO CROSS OVER (Archived)
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Any word on new 3DS? (Archived)TrashCanNumber294/1/2012
add on your 3ds friend list (Archived)MaxieZoom684/1/2012
I heard rumors of angry birds coming out on the 3DS, are these true? (Archived)Enurp74/1/2012
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