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I'm guessing purple will bundle with a Wario game, orange with Metroid (Archived)FirePaperMario96/26/2010
About the 3D effect (Archived)
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Is anybody excited about the fact that the slide pad gives us 4 more buttons? (Archived)brandon1386/26/2010
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Nintendo re-embraces hardcore gamers after love affair with the casual market? (Archived)
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i cant see in 3ds!!!11!!! (Archived)
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reggie fils ame pushed for kid icarus, canceled another game (Archived)
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Wind Waker port? (Archived)
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Iwata mentions possibility of 3D video chat. (Archived)
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Anyone else see serious potential for horror games? (Archived)
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Can the 3ds surt internet everywhere like the iphone? (Archived)jordjmax36/26/2010
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Will the 3DS be marketed at the same demographic as the GBA demographic (Archived)
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How good is the cameras? is it as good as the handphone? how many megapixel? (Archived)
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