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Okay someone explain to me why the hell swapnote is so 'cool'. (Archived)
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Bamco...SEGA...Capcom... (Archived)
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I Got the Capcom Swapnote! (Archived)
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NOA released a trailer for 3D Classics KId Icarus...what's the release date? (Archived)JetPilot52/22/2012
You know, if the 3DS was region free you could import Fire Emblem in english (Archived)Fissure_X72/22/2012
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Nintendo 3DS System Update Ideas? (Archived)
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I want a Pokemon game whose story is written by Shigesato Itoi (Archived)
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Final Verdict on MGS:Snake Eater 3D (Archived)
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uh guys. link to the us nintendo direct plz. (Archived)
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JPN - SMB NES Level 1 swapnote (Archived)
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Is there a way to Record 3DS gameplay in full capture not Cam capture? (Archived)Ceipe22/22/2012
Aonuma Teases about a New Legend of Zelda Game (Archived)_J_O_E_22/22/2012
It's that time again (FC Topic) (Archived)AlexxPB62/22/2012
US/EU Swapnote user needed (Archived)Nekoakuma82/22/2012
LOL Snake is awesome *Possible spoilers for MGS3D* (Archived)
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Any of the downloadable games any good? (Archived)GujinKami12/22/2012
I'm more excited for Mario Tennis Open than I was for Mario Kart 7. . . o.o (Archived)Sakurafanboy82/22/2012
why have some ppl gotten "special" swapnotes, while others have not? (Archived)cleanchris22/22/2012
Looking for GameCentre Swapnote...Will trade for Zelda. (Archived)Waldo3782/22/2012