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If there's a redesign (mid 2013-2014) I hope it features this: (Archived)
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The Event on Sep. 13th is for... (Archived)drothegreat0ne108/23/2011
Mario land or Kirby Dreamland? (Archived)southStarFist78/23/2011
nintendo can just add a second analog free along with the game (Archived)queirotacobell48/23/2011
Do bigger SD cards provide more spots on the home screen? (Archived)Discomaster28/23/2011
3DS doesn't need a second analog (Archived)CaptainRandom198/23/2011
Gamestop........ (Archived)
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anyone now holding off buying a 3ds until september 13th (Archived)
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Another possible way that the 3DS redesign could work (Archived)Gavin_Rozee68/23/2011
anyone get devil survivior overclocked for 3ds? (Archived)queirotacobell48/23/2011
I'm 95% certain this new model of 3DS is false. (Archived)
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~Wouldn't Pokemon Gray a good as a 3DS exclusive?~ (Archived)Martiin51108/23/2011
Street pass help... (Archived)matthewj85328/23/2011
Okay.. I'm confused.. what's this news about the 3DS being replaced? (Archived)
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Pokemon "Gray" would sell millions of 3DS'. (Archived)
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What Game under $5.05 will I get the most value from? (Archived)southStarFist68/23/2011
3DS Revision Confirmed (Archived)1906198078/23/2011
sign here if you're buying the new 3ds day one (Archived)queirotacobell108/23/2011
3DS Redesign. (Archived)
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R.I.P. fatty 3DS (Archived)
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