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Tip on checking ambassador status. (Archived)sp4zmaster48/22/2011
Aww, crap. I bought a 3DS early but didn't conncet to the shop yet. (Archived)
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Going to buy a 3ds now (Archived)
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Any MMORPG planned? (Archived)
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I haven't had any problems with battery life. (Archived)SupaT78/22/2011
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3DS sales up 4,600% after price cut (Archived)shikaka2298/22/2011
Rumor: New Fire Emblem to be announced (Archived)
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virtual console legend of zelda, when will come out??? (Archived)ies637778/22/2011
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E-shop & Browser pre-installed on Flame Red 3DS? (Archived)GamerZero148/22/2011
Nintendo, where is my Warioland games? (Archived)VFXman108/22/2011
Is there a FAQ, or anyone can help, talking about the best way to view the 3D? (Archived)Teedus1838/22/2011
3D World Runner for 3DS Classic? (Archived)darkqueenhelba68/22/2011
So Star Fox 64 3D is adding new stuff (Archived)
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Anybody have neighbors with a 3DS (Archived)ICOYAR68/22/2011
Is it worth it to get one right now or should I wait some more? (Archived)
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If Zelda Minish Cap isn't an ambassador title, then i won't feel compensated! (Archived)
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