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Super Mario Bros looks really good on the 3DS imo. (Archived)
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Zelda 2 Bug Question. (Archived)
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zelda question (Archived)
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Anyone else feel that the NES Zelda combat is better than OOT's combat? (Archived)XXDEADKINGXX78/31/2011
Could this be what Nintendo was thinking of? (Dual analog/cpad rumors) (Archived)
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Do you ever have to press the power button several times? (Archived)justsumdude89958/31/2011
holding R and L buttons will trigger player 1 or 2 (Archived)GameMaster14GM88/31/2011
How do I get the ambassador games? (Archived)Vecturin38/31/2011
So how many of you had trouble with this with the ambassador games: (Archived)Number43108/31/2011
anyone know how do we get our coins for these 10 games? (Archived)ObtuseAngina58/31/2011
So.... Are You Still Using the Same Grid Layout? (Archived)0PTICS68/31/2011
What order did YOU download the ambassador games in? (Archived)
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