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So glad i only own 2 out of the 10 ambassador titles! (Archived)
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X button acts as B button in Yoshi's Island! (Archived)AngealZC412/16/2011
what is your mii plaza greeting? (Archived)
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a little something i noticed in eshop.... (Archived)Mikej119212/16/2011
Crisis Averted, All right everyone put down your torches and pitchforks! (Archived)
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Did the new update fix the power button issue for anyone? (Archived)
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Is there something wrong with Fire Emblem? (Archived)alberto strikes back112/16/2011
Its out in the US! (Archived)hawaii_nyy_fan112/16/2011
I still don't have them (Archived)Nad714512/16/2011
My mustache approves of the GBA games. (Archived)Blood_Nights312/16/2011
which ambassador GBA games did you play first? (Archived)
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Beautiful Direct-Feed Gameplay of Yoshi's Island (Archived)
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No save states for the GBA ambassador games (Archived)Shadowman621312/16/2011
Why Nintendo probably chose Fire Emblem 8, not Fire Emblem 7 (Archived)
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It will be fun to tease everyone in my house with my new kirby game. (Archived)stromvancouver112/16/2011
Serious question about the GBA games.... (Archived)TLH881012/15/2011
I hope Fire Emblem SS doesn't get... (Archived)
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Seeing this one video made me wonder all the sudden (Archived)legendarylemur212/15/2011
i have my pitchfork and torch ready. (Archived)
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Will the 3DS ever be updated for Youtube videos? (Archived)Icewitch912/15/2011