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Wondering. I have a lot of invited Mii's... Is there a way to like... (Archived)gamezrochard52/22/2012
With Nintendo Network coming... What will happen to our friends list? (Archived)NettoSaito82/22/2012
I'm getting a 3DS points card for Pushmo & Dillon's Rolling Western. (Archived)J_K_GUNS22/22/2012
Would it be worth it to get a Japanese 3DS if I already have a US one? (Archived)
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POLL how long does your mom let you play 3ds each day ? (Archived)
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Red Warrior, NEEDS FOOD BADLY! (Archived)RPGMaster95102/21/2012
C/D This would be a better theme to listen to on the 3DS main menu screen. (Archived)StarlightDrive102/21/2012
Japanese swapnote stationary please? (Archived)SOULGKG52/21/2012
Two new Swapnote stationary. Is there a third? (Archived)
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The best announcement possible would be if (Archived)1212-132/21/2012
How long do you think the Nintendo Direct for tomorrow will be? (Archived)
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The Things You Know are Unlikely to Happen, but Want to Happen on ND Tomorrow (Archived)
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Kid Icarus classic question (Australian Club Nintendo) (Archived)Skul_12/21/2012
what game should i get (Archived)
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So what are you expecting from this Nintendo Direct? (Archived)
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omg guys reggie from nintendo sent me a swapnote!!!!!!!!!! am i the only one???? (Archived)
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I got so mad at a Scambassador that I resorted to violence. (Archived)
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Do you think if you preorder Good People Die, you'll get a watch again? (Archived)Mega_Rat22/21/2012
what's my collection missing? (Archived)LimeYoshi72/21/2012
Next shipment of CCP? (Archived)
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