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I forgot just how tough Kid Icarus was... (Archived)darkqueenhelba23/27/2012
So how do puzzle pieces benefit you? (Archived)logans_run_8233/27/2012
Email for Super Smash Bros Fans (Archived)TLH8833/27/2012
Target sale. (Archived)trenton9733/27/2012
Friends (Archived)Leetyroneus63/27/2012
Add my FC please (Archived)StickMen109073/27/2012
Who also likes the stand? (Archived)Geminia99993/27/2012
Poll of the Day (Archived)blades4633/27/2012
Helpful reminder that Ambassador GBA Club Nintendo surveys expire in mid April (Archived)
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played a 3ds demo and vita demo how do u get paste the bad graphics (Archived)
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1 yr anniversary question~ Which is your favorite Mii hat? (spoilers?) (Archived)
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Nintendo World Puzzle Piece question (Archived)
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I got my Kid Icarus cards! (Archived)imagineer10033/27/2012
Thanks for the backlog Nintendo and Sony (Archived)JP_Sartre103/27/2012
Registered Reggie into Mii Maker and now he's no longer in my Plaza :( (Archived)NeoGutsman23/27/2012
Need some new friends. Board regulars would be good. (Archived)
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Disappearing games/ hard to find games (Archived)
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so decided and i bought the 3ds over the vita today. Games!!!!!!!!! (Archived)mdsniper7103/27/2012
Is there a limit to how many channels you can have on the 3ds... (Archived)RomanticWaluigi43/27/2012
More Power of Illusion details, confirmed follow up to Castle of Illusion (!) (Archived)
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