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So who actually got the extended warranty? (Archived)MellowLyricist88/11/2011
Do you think Nintendo thought OoT3D was 3Ds's saving grace? (Archived)
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Scan lines on the top and bottom screens. (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff28/11/2011
It's kind of hard to believe SM3DL & MK7 have release windows but.... (Archived)PhaseBlack28/11/2011
After searching for 2 hours I finally got one. (Archived)
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Future Update Wishlist (Archived)
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Who is thinking of trying to get the free games on top of GS $99 deal? (Archived)
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3DS quick question on 25th Zelda Anniversary...thing (Archived)SILVERFOX357058/11/2011
Could I buy this at walmart now... (Archived)3DSiXLite88/11/2011
I got my 3DS at launch and bought some eShop games, do I still need to go online (Archived)OmarLexus68/11/2011
Wait so were not getting all the games tomorrow. (Archived)
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European update really sucked today... (Archived)
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replace a 3DS (Archived)breakingcustom928/11/2011
Anyone else's top screen flicker when 3d mode is turned on/off? (Archived)MordecaiRocks68/11/2011
If Nintendo really wanted to raise excitement for Kid Icarus: Uprising... (Archived)
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Go Series: 10 Second Run. Yea or nay? (Archived)ChapFromKrugis38/11/2011
Did anyone else mysteriously get Link's Awakening DX? (Archived)chrono01108/11/2011
Investors calling for Nintendo to go mobile are missing the point ( Article) (Archived)VampiricDragon_38/11/2011
So what does the "DSi transfer" transfer? (Archived)TJ152488/11/2011
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