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If you missed the $110 deal from target last week they are doing $117.50 now (Archived)
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Are the GBA games going to get a 3D treatment like the NES games? (Archived)
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Is they sent out an update for messaging friends yet? (Archived)LilMajerCartune312/18/2011
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Problem in Fire Emblem (Archived)
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Windwaker Port Please Ninchendo (Archived)
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How many remakes have there been? (Archived)
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Just got a 3DS, what is the first thing I do (Archived)
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Here we go again, only have the urge to play portables. 360/Wii/ps3 are dusty.. (Archived)BigReed812/18/2011
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So...why were you guys crying yesterday? Seriously you guys are big babies. (Archived)
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