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Nintendo does NOT owe us ANYTHING *Regarding the price drop* (Archived)
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Get the free games AND the price drop? (Archived)sarevokmb47/28/2011
Amazing Mirror is the only Kirby game I haven't beaten... (Archived)Garp_fist37/28/2011
Ok, so only the people who bought the system for $250 are getting 20 free games? (Archived)FullMetalPanic97/28/2011
The price drop is crap here is what I think they should do to make up for it. (Archived)
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Mario has done a lot of sports... (Archived)MBBDarigon27/28/2011
All I Want, Nintendo, is a Megaman Game (Archived)Ind1g077/28/2011
Oh god. (Archived)Marbiaach87/28/2011
For all the whiners I'd bet there us an equal number of us waiting for this drop (Archived)RyuVegas77/28/2011
this is crazy, 20 free games? (Archived)DarkOctavius107/28/2011
So GBA games are coming to 3DS? (Archived)CP3_Hornets37/28/2011
This NES 'Upgrade' (Archived)RoyMaster437/28/2011
Don't wait for Wal-Mart, Canadians. 3DS for $199 @ Best Buy & Futureshop! (Archived)
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Don't be surprised if you see 'GameBoy Life' in two years... (Archived)FunkyKong84107/28/2011
Free apology games might be a reason to get a pre-price drop 3DS, but... (Archived)Silinel107/28/2011
I don't think Nintendo was hitting a panic button (Archived)
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Release the trolls! (Archived)
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We need to petition a 3D re-release of SimAnt (Archived)
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Give me Wario land! (Archived)VFXman47/28/2011
Sign if you'd rather have the price cut than the free games. (Archived)
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