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I just bought a Zelda-Edition 3DS. How should I prepare to avoid the scratches? (Archived)
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Best DSi or 3DS Downloadable Titles? (Archived)GodReborn82/3/2012
Any idea when eShop's getting SML3? (Archived)DaveTheUseless82/3/2012
What do you think the odds of a new Custom Robo game for the 3DS coming out are? (Archived)blade11335562/3/2012
Art Academy, Nintendo? Really? (Archived)
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How do I remove demos? (Archived)hello_indigo62/3/2012
Nyko Nintendo 3DS Battery Power Pak+ compatible with expansion joystick? (Archived)stormywaters72/3/2012
So many eShop games I want lol (Archived)Sakurafanboy42/2/2012
Is it worth it? (Archived)TheTriforcer42/2/2012
Is there a way to organize your friend list? (Archived)joshua59321062/2/2012
Pick your favorite (Archived)AgentWafflez42/2/2012
Who's getting Tekken 3D Prime Edition ? (Archived)
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At My Wits End With DS Games Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (Archived)pariah16462/2/2012
Club Nintendo members:Do you actually take the time to answer the surveys? or BS (Archived)
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It seems, for the first time ever with a system (Archived)Lord_Diablo1372/2/2012
I know this might be a silly question but... (Archived)1212-182/2/2012
Just got a 3DS spontaniously, what games do you guys recommend? (Archived)
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VC idea! (Archived)TheTriforcer92/2/2012
Does your 3DS screen tilt slightly to one side? (Archived)n0matter32/2/2012
Is anyone else gaming mostly on 3DS lately? (Archived)
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