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What game's "capture" nostalgia for you? (Archived)
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Pilotwings makes me want to race in Wuhu Loop in Mario Kart 7 more (Archived)joshua593210512/31/2011
is it better to let a 3DS drain a 3DS's battery all the time before charging? (Archived)Botnus9121012/31/2011
My 3DS Friend Code (Archived)DjStiv3112/31/2011
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I just got Pilotwings from the $5 best buy deal a while back and... (Archived)joshua593210612/31/2011
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Me and my sis need friends )= (Archived)
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Swap Note New Years message... (Archived)parKb51012/31/2011
What do you guys think about Crush3D? (Archived)AP3Brain512/31/2011
eShop Question (Archived)pwingx112/31/2011
top 10 nintendo games bark wants to see with glasses free 3-d - unnannoucned (Archived)barkfaqs64112/31/2011
Fire Emblem needs to stop with the random stat boosts and the permadeaths. (Archived)
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Rate the games in your collection. (Archived)
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Do you guys think its worth waiting for the inevitable two analog stick version? (Archived)
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The Fir Coat2312/31/2011
What eshop stuff do I get? (Archived)Spiffy247412/31/2011
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