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Here's what they should have made the 5 previously unannounced ambassador games (Archived)
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Resident Evil: Revelations - Four New Screens, Livestream on Friday (Archived)PhantomSword512/15/2011
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Which of the GBA Ambassador titles would you pay to download? (Archived)
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Why we got... well you got sacred stones instead of blazing sword for 3ds. (Archived)king_darks812/15/2011
Can anyone clear my confusions about NoA? (Archived)
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Does club nintendo plan to keep the whole four games per month thing going? (Archived)
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Do all of the Fire Emblem games have an connected story? (Archived)whitaker6490412/15/2011
Why im glad MC is one of the GBA games (Archived)Sgt_Chapstik712/15/2011
Where is the setting to keep random mii's from appearing in my plaza from MK7? (Archived)Smackie_theFrog212/15/2011
I don't think we'll get the games in NA on friday :/ (Archived)
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Can someone show me where NoA has confirmed the GBA games for tomorrow? (Archived)whitaker6490212/15/2011
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so anyway the POINT IS Nintendo of America is consistently silent and worthless (Archived)
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Looks at 3DS. Blue light.Spotpass!? Looks at time. They're here early! Opens 3DS (Archived)gunstarz212/15/2011