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Thoughts on cross-platform multiplayer? (Archived)
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Any brazillians here that can answer me one thing? (3DS related, of course) (Archived)Grandy1283/10/2012
3DS - No card inserted (Archived)confettistorm103/10/2012
Donkey Kong 3D on the way? (Archived)squatch2243/10/2012
ATTN, people who get Nintendo Video movies later than others... (Archived)guncrashdx23/10/2012
Would you have preferred KI: Uprising or this? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee73/10/2012
am i the only one who thinks DLC is a good thing? (Archived)
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So who wants to be friend # 100 on my list???? (Archived)canoli2208263/10/2012
Beam Claws is the best character ever to grace the 3DS (Archived)
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Is Capcom running out of ideas for enemies in their games? (Archived)
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Sonic Generations and Spyro? Worth it? (Archived)
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can you play local online in mario kart 7? (Archived)queirotacobell73/10/2012
I had to sell my 3DS in order to pay off my car. (Archived)
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Why does my battery life vary so much in sleep mode? (Archived)
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I had to sell my soul for a 3DS (Archived)
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When vita gets a price drops the 3ds will be doomed? (Archived)
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Would you be ok for a smash bros card game like the one Kid Icarus has ? (Archived)Edouard_keroo33/10/2012
What Game Gear Games will you be getting week from the eshop? (Archived)
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ANGRY BIRDS IS (still)coming to the 3DS (Archived)shamontray2943/10/2012
What to say to a girl on swapnote, that has the hots for me (Archived)
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