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Can't believe I'm saying this, but Dead or Alive Dimensions is amazing (Archived)
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Anyone getting Bit Trip Saga? (Archived)
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I wish nintendo would get there handheld designs right the first time around (Archived)
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Can you transfer the NES games from one SD card to another? (Archived)coolguy_2379/11/2011
Isn't the 3DS region locked. I streetpassed someone w/ a Japanese game (Archived)_Unowninator_29/11/2011
Do you want the 3DS smash Bros to be unique from the Wii-U one? (Archived)
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I never played a Starfox game in my life.... (Archived)
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Gamestop Employee just told me Sonic Generations is going to be a 3DS exclusive (Archived)
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BestBuy game deals Sept 11-17 (Archived)
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Might get a 3DS today, tell me pros and cons of the system! :3 (Archived)
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Sonic Generations More Details and Rumored Other characters playable (Archived)
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Just how powerful is the 3DS ? (Archived)
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