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list of N64 you want to see on 3DS (Archived)
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Codenamed 3DS? (Archived)
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how much of the game will be 3D? (Archived)omescythe86/19/2010
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What would you do if you somehow had a 3DS? (Archived)
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Looks like a bunch of old school games are getting (semi) ported over (Archived)
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How come the 3D screen is too small? (Archived)sunchipsboi96/19/2010
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Should I be worried about a shortage? (Archived)
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3DS Priced at $299 USD? (Archived)
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Wow. It's like Chuck Norris made this system himself! (Archived)
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At the press conference they talked about a motion sensor, but what is the (Archived)Ultima_Buster44106/18/2010
Secret Doorway behind Nintendo Booth has Mother Character's Name (Archived)
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