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Anti-hacking / piracy is going to be amazing on the 3DS (Archived)
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wait, so this is a completely new handheld? not just a DS upgrade/redesign? (Archived)
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EB games has priced the 3DS on their website (Archived)
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load time (Archived)GameMaster14GM46/21/2010
Movies on the 3DS (Archived)Gama_man96/21/2010
3DS discriminates against right handed people. (Archived)
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Is this the best way for handhelds to advance? (Archived)
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The 3DS touchscreen should be designed like the Nokia N900 screen (Archived)L0L_FAQ26/21/2010
3DS game cartridge, game box, and other pics of the 3ds itself in diff colours (Archived)
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Battalion Wars 3D. Make it happen. (Archived)achmed31456/21/2010
Conker's Bad Fur Day 3D (Archived)pocchama199666/21/2010
I don't care if lefties get the Dual Slider Pad they want. (Archived)Apeman1813106/21/2010
I wonder how similar the nub will be to the PSP.... (Archived)
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Random April Article mentions 3DS release date in Europe...? (Archived)
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Now that 3D enhanced SNES and NES dowloads are confirmed... (Archived)ErrorSupply66/21/2010
3ds games MSRP (Archived)GameMaster14GM76/21/2010
I think the 3DS looks great and even though I have mixed feelings... (Archived)EvilLHK86/21/2010
Will I be able to see the 3D effect if... (Archived)Gavin_Rozee46/21/2010
Back in my day we were just plain amazed by this thing (Archived)
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Ok,so i don't believe in the "3d" effect at all nintendo,whats wrong? (Archived)TacticalSniper736/21/2010