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Updated versions of NES games? // (Archived)
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Took Blood yesterday. (Blahgfaqs about the 3DS, blah) (Archived)Teremei811/20/2011
question about the games which do they favor more streetpass or spotpass? (Archived)Darkstorm16311/20/2011
How much would i get if i traded in my 3DS for the LoZ 3DS? (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera411/20/2011
3DS worth it for just 2/3 games? (Archived)
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I bought the 3ds when it was expensive. do i get money back (Archived)
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I hope we don't have to wait the 3DS entire life span... (Archived)Hector_Sass811/20/2011
Ok so I finally got a 3DS, Got 20 bucks for the shop what to buy? (Archived)
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Is it me or is the Power Pak+'s battery level reading very inaccurate? (Archived)Adrian2040411/20/2011
Do you think we will get a brand new Zelda title for 3DS? (Archived)jwitz911/20/2011
I was so close to having Super Mario 3D Land complete... (Spoilers) (Archived)whitaker6490711/20/2011
How "Flamy" is the Flame Red 3DS? (Archived)Adrian20401011/20/2011
How to access the free games Nintendo was supposed to give us? (Archived)
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Doctor Lautrec delayed from Dec. 6th to the 13th? (Archived)_Shikoba_111/20/2011
Question about getting the horse (Archived)HibikiRush211/19/2011
3DS vs DSi? (Archived)
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About to purchase a 3DS... (Archived)Shadowlinkex211/19/2011
So has flipnote memo been cancelled or what? (Archived)
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Does anybody know if the limited edition Zelda 3DS will be sold online? (Archived)Awesome511/19/2011
What is the "November Update"? (Archived)kirbycool711/19/2011