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My mini rant about Nintendo and the 3DS (not about lack of games) (Archived)
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Does Activity Log log my AFK time too? (Archived)
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streetpass challenge (Archived)
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I was thinking about having a bubble bath, is it safe to play my 3DS in the tub? (Archived)
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A certain someones been waiting in line for 5 days for SM3DL. can you guess who? (Archived)
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any 3ds non bundle deals going to be happening for black friday? (Archived)irhxcbcziuzxs311/12/2011
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Save on Mario 3D Land at Best Buy, Fry's, and Black Friday Bundle (Archived)lionheart3657511/12/2011
Super Mario 3D Land had been development for 2 years (Archived)
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any 3ds system deals? (Archived)oldhbk76411/12/2011
Anyone been in a Gamestop recently? (Archived)
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Does the 3DS' Circle Pad have a rubber coat? (Archived)
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Tomorrows the day... SM3DL (Archived)
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good christmas gift for little bro? (Archived)
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