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3ds.to = amazing 3DS browser site (Archived)
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Limit to how many people can be waiting for you at the gate in streetpass? (Archived)cmgolden9361/18/2012
Needs a real pokemon game (Archived)shastacollege2261/18/2012
I love my local Gamestop (Archived)xxtearg0dxx81/18/2012
What is your dream 3DS game? (Archived)
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Would you buy these if they existed..... (Archived)
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What about a new Star Fox game for the 3DS? *read on* (Archived)Zero_Maniac51/18/2012
Adds please? ^^ (Archived)
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eshop down in the uk? (Archived)mrplugo31/18/2012
I Want a New Minish Zelda (Archived)
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Finally the Demo's are arriving (Archived)ugoo1831/18/2012
Need More 3DS pals!! (Archived)scrahfy51/18/2012
Something really bothers me about the 3DS. Why doesn't it... (Archived)wolf_blitzer8571/18/2012
Eshop demos coming tommorow! (Archived)
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Can someone please exlain spotpass? (Archived)cmgolden9341/18/2012
eShop demos launch in EU (Archived)parKb521/18/2012
This console makes my hand sore just from holding it while playing. (Archived)
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How do I send a swapnote message to people I play online in MK7? (Archived)ShadowkhNinja81/18/2012
so since fatal frame and resident evil are showing up (Archived)
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so im buying a3ds again :) (Archived)
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